Fresh Strawberry Muffins

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Fresh Strawberry Muffins recipe

See nutrition tips and more for our Fresh Strawberry Muffins recipe.

Smart Selection, Storage & Prep

  1. These muffins are best enjoyed the day they’re baked due to their high moisture content.
  2. If you do have leftovers, store them in a loosely covered container. A tight cover will cause the muffins to turn soggy due to that high moisture.
  3. Look for white whole-wheat flour alongside traditional all-purpose flour. It contains the same 100% whole-grain goodness as traditional whole-wheat flour. It’s just milder tasting and lighter in color.
  4. The raw sugar adds a slight crunch.

Nutritional Benefits

  1. Since these muffins are made with half whole-wheat flour, they help you reach the goal of eating more whole grains daily.
  2. Strawberries contain nutrients to support brain and heart health.
  3. Just eight medium strawberries provide more than 150 percent of your daily value for the disease-fighting vitamin C.
  4. Stay tuned to emerging research with strawberries, as they contain a natural compound that may help with weight management and appetite regulation.

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  1. Barbara Blinzinger

    February 20, 2012 at 9:06 am

    I would like to have the dietary information on these muffins so I can determine how many weight watch points would be in each muffin.
    Thank you.

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