How to Reduce Food Waste: Part 2

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food waste

Late last year, I offered several tips on how to tackle food waste as a family, including paying attention to proper temperatures, using up what you have and putting newer food items in the back of the refrigerator or pantry.

Here are four more tips – part two, if you will – to fight off food waste so you can save money and stay healthy.

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1. Proper Storage Supplies

Even if your fridge/freezer is at the right temperature, if you’re not storing foods correctly, they won’t last the way they should. Remember that freezer burn on the “on-sale” chicken breast or pork loin we froze right away? Wasted dollars. Invest in zip-close freezer bags of all sizes, freezer paper and black markers. You’ll need markers to record contents and date before storing. In the fridge, use zip-close plastic bags or food-safe plastic containers with lids. Always cover food in the fridge.

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