You Have to Check Out This Colorful Ice Tree

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Photo Credit: Corey Alan

The amazingly colorful, man-made Veal’s Ice Tree is a winter wonder that you simply have to see for yourself. At 30 to 40 feet in height, this magical explosion of color and ice towers over visitors. The result of repeatedly spraying water in the same spot during freezing season, the one-of-a-kind structure features multiple vibrant hues, created by adding dye to the garden hose attachment when building up the layers of the ice tree.

Vierl G. Veal created the first ice tree back in 1961. Today, his children, John, Jeff and Janet, keep the tradition alive year after year. The family welcomes visitors to their Indianapolis property from dawn to dusk seven days a week (as long it’s cold outside and the structure is still standing!) at no charge. Visit for more information.

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