Impactful Mural Honors Mari Evans

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photo credit: Kathleen M. Dutro

Indianapolis is known for its many colorful murals scattered across the city, spreading creativity and vibrancy and adding character to the city’s already artsy personality. One notable mural that stands – quite literally – above the rest (at two stories tall!) can be found on the side of the Davlan building, off of Mass. Ave. Painted by Indianapolis native Michael “Alkemi” Jordan, the striking mural depicts Mari Evans. A celebrated poet, playwright and author, Evans was one of the founders of the Black Arts Movement that flourished in the 1960s and ’70s. She lived in Indianapolis for most of her life, from 1947 to 2017, when she passed away. Luckily, the mural was completed in 2016 and Evans was able to see the final product.

The mural, which was funded by a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission, is just one of many that can be viewed on the Indianapolis Mural Tour, which typically takes place every October. For more information about where to find the city’s murals, use the search term “murals” at

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