INFB Insurance Is Ready for the Unexpected

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Family is there in both good and bad times. One member of Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s family, property claims representative Jim Dunn, demonstrates how the company’s family embodies a culture of trust and care – in a family’s good and bad times.

Dunn’s job responsibilities include inspecting property losses on homes and various properties that have been damaged by fire, wind, hail or other perils. Dunn and other claims representatives are often the first people IFBI’s clients work with following a devastating loss. They go out into the community and help put back together people’s lives and properties to where they were before the loss occurred. As a result, Dunn has to be ready when the next storms strike.

‘Spring’ing into Action with Spring Storms

Last May, heavy spring storms rolled through Indiana, resulting in clients reporting claims immediately. In Pendleton, the first call for Dunn was homeowner Bryan Schnick, whose property suffered damage when a massive tree fell onto his house. Schnick said that within two hours of the storm he called IFBI’s 24-hour claims reporting phone number. Dunn was at Schnick’s home the next day. He used the latest in drone technology to help him inspect the damage and write an estimate for the covered loss.

“Jim has been helpful with tree expert advice, and he’s been helpful with the house,” Schnick says. “He’s very receptive to my phone calls and calls me right back. Jim has been great.”

With property losses from storms or catastrophes, it is important that a claims representative knows how to handle any situation he encounters. Dunn inspects structures that have minor damage, some that are temporarily unlivable and some that are fully demolished.

Photo Credit: Sam Kambol

His claims may vary, but his attitude does not.

“Sometimes it’s tough to see a loss, but you go in with the frame of mind that you want to do everything you can to try and help them out,” he says. “You deal with a lot of emotions, but you try to reassure the client that we are here to help them put everything back like it was before the loss happened.”

That’s why the Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance claims team goes by this motto: “When the unexpected happens, expect us.”

– Story by Sam Kambol,
Public Relations & Communications Intern

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