Argentinean Beef Sliders with Chimichurri Sauce

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Argentinean Beef Sliders

Discover smart storage, selection, prep and nutrition information about our Argentinean Beef Sliders with Chimichurri Sauce recipe:

Selection, Storage and Prep

  • The leaner the ground beef, the better for your heart and health. As a dietitian, I prefer 85% lean, 15% fat maximum for my grilled burgers. This blend provides optimal flavor, juiciness and tenderness over a leaner beef.
  • But for ground beef to qualify for the lean designation according to the USDA, it must contain no more than 5% fat (95% lean).
  • Italian parsley is also known as flat-leaf parsley. Its stronger flavor is preferred over curly parsley in most dishes.
  • Save time and use jarred, pre-chopped or minced garlic.
  • Most spice aisles today feature jars of specialty chili pepper powders, such as the ancho chili used here.
  • Serve Argentinean Beef Sliders with Chimichurri Sauce on 100% whole wheat or multigrain slider buns for a healthy dose of whole-grain goodness.


  • Beef is an excellent source of iron, zinc and several B vitamins, as well as protein.
  • 95% lean, 5% fat ground beef is one of more than 29 cuts of beef qualifying for the USDA lean designation.
  • Surprise! Parsley is nutrient-rich, with vitamins A, C and K (K for optimal bone health), plus two phytonutrients, lutein and zeaxanthin, to promote proper eye health.
  • Even oregano offers health benefits. It’s considered a super spice because it’s so high in antioxidants which are being studied for their antimicrobial properties that fight the growth of bacteria and parasites.

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