Green Pea Soup with Fresh Mint

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Green Pea and Mint Soup

Smart Selection, Storage & Prep

  • All onion varieties, including yellow Spanish, white and sweet Vidalia, work well in this soup.
  • Frozen vegetables are just as nutrient-rich as fresh. They’ve been frozen and packed immediately after harvesting, retaining all the nutrients. Using frozen peas requires no advance shelling or cooking.
  • Using vegetable broth instead of chicken broth makes this soup entirely vegetarian.
  • Opt for a reduced sodium (sometimes labeled “less” or “lower”) broth rather than a “low” sodium variety, or you’ll just end up adding lots of salt.
  • Look for fresh mint that is bright, vivid green; avoid leaves that are wilted and brown.
  • Fresh mint is typically in small packages or plastic bags in the produce department.
  • This soup is even better as leftovers! Simply reheat in microwave or on stovetop.

Nutritional Benefits

  • Peas are rich in soluble fiber, a type of fiber that helps lower the bad LDL cholesterol.
  • Even the garlic, onions and celery are heart-healthy and provide fiber along with other disease-fighting nutrients.
  • Celery contains protective bone nutrients, as well as antioxidants to help boost immunity.
  • Frozen is good! Remember, “All forms count when it comes to eating more fruits and vegetables!” Fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice – they all count as nutrient-rich choices and make it easier for you eat the recommended amount of fruits and veggies every day!

[Recipe: Green Pea Soup with Fresh Mint]

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