Hoosier-Style Barbecue Sauce

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Slather your pulled pork sandwich with the smoky-sweet goodness of Mt. Pilot Indiana-style barbecue sauce.

This tasty condiment comes from the kitchen of Bloomington-based Tad DeLay, who uses ingredients from local farmers and purveyors to make his products. His mantra, ‘Keep it simple but flavorful,’ shines in his signature Indiana-style sauce, which contains apple cider, whole tomatoes, orange juice, maple syrup and liquid barbecue smoke.

DeLay also produces Mt. Pilot BBQ sauces based on other regional styles, including Texas, Alabama and Kansas City, as well as dry rubs and hot sauce. Purchase his products at the Bloomington Farmers Market, Bloomingfoods Market or online at mtpilotbbq.org.

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