Hard Hitters at the Hoosier Bat Co.

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Hoosier Bat Co.

Swing, batter, swing! For 25 years, the Hoosier Bat Co., based in Valparaiso, has been helping big hitters with their handcrafted wooden baseball bats.

Debbie and Dave Cook started the company after Dave, then a New York Yankees scout, had the idea to build bats using only pro-grade wood.

The company builds its bats with three different wood species, making it one of the strongest and longest-lasting bats used in the game.

They are the third-longest-standing wood bat manufacturer in the country, and impressive names like Frank Thomas and Prince Fielder have hit it out of the park using a Hoosier bat.

For more information, visit hoosierbat.com.


  1. Juan Murillo

    September 21, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    Hi there, do you have a Link to buy your baseball wood bats

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