County Farm Bureaus & State Organizations Collect 50 Tons of Food Donations

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Photo Credit: INFB

Indiana Farm Bureau was founded March 25, 1919, and it’s celebrating its 100th birthday in several ways, including a kickoff celebration at its 2018 convention, birthday cake at the Indiana Statehouse and the organization’s home office on March 25, 2019,
and additional festivities at its 2019 convention.

But there was also a strong feeling that something more substantial and meaningful was needed to mark this important milestone – something the county Farm Bureaus could actively participate in.

100 Pounds for 100 Years

This was the rationale behind the organization’s 100 Pounds for 100 Years charitable giving campaign, which concluded this spring. Each county Farm Bureau was challenged to collect at least 100 pounds of food (or the monetary equivalent) and donate it to a local charity prior to the anniversary.

Every county Farm Bureau rose to the challenge, and most far surpassed the 100-pound request. In total, approximately 100,000 pounds – 50 tons – of food was donated to more than 90 charities across the state.

INFB, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance and their staffs also participated, collecting more than 27,300 pounds of the overall total non-perishable food items. The donation went to Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.

“If we subtract the donations from the state office, the board and Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, that’s still more than 60,000 pounds beyond the goal of 100 pounds per county,” notes campaign coordinator Molly Zentz, APR, INFB senior public relations manager.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s What We Eat in America, the average meal is 1.2 pounds of food. By that standard, INFB’s donation accounts for approximately 66,000 meals in Indiana.

While nearly every county Farm Bureau donated at least 100 pounds of food for the campaign, Posey County Farm Bureau’s donation of money and food was the largest among the counties. Its donation (a combination of food and money) represented 8,438 pounds and was donated to Posey County Food Pantries and the Partners in Food program.

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